Looking for vinyl records in Costa Rica?

Look no further... Just kidding look further, we're not the only record store in Costa Rica but we'll be very happy to see you here.

Panorama of the interior of the record store in Costa Rica

Located in one of most vibrant neighborhoods in San José: Barrio La California (La Cali) and upstairs of the best neue Costa Rican cousine restaurants around, Manos En La Masa.

Just as some of our records, we're hard to find, but once you see the "Manos En La Masa" sign, just enter and go upstairs. We highly recommend you to use Uber instead of the red taxis. Look for Denki Records as destination (do not use the one that says "Mercedes" that's an old location, use the one that starts with "150 al Norte..."

Keep in mind that the business is open in unusual hours so plan your visit by checking the hours here. Also give us a like on Facebook in case the hours change and/or also to know what's new in the store you can get it first.

Paying with credit/debit card is more expensive. So is better to bring cash. PayPal and bank deposits (where possible) are also cheaper than credit/debit cards. If neccesary there's an ATM just two blocks from the store.

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